Canopy Growth Sues GW Pharma for Using Their Patent

Industry News - Canopy Growth Sues GW Pharma for Using Their Patent

Most of us immediately think of cannabis oil when we see the CBD- and THC-rich super sticky sludge usually found in vaporizer cartridges. Yet, do you have any idea of how it’s all made

Well, one of the most popular manufacturing processes — the CO2 method — uses carbon dioxide to extract the required components of the plant.

However, Canopy Growth, one of the biggest cannabis producers in Canada, claims they hold the right to this technology

Namely, just recently, the company received a US patent. And now, anyone caught using their technology potentially owes them money.

This is exactly what happened with GW Pharmaceuticals — the company that produces Epidiolex (CBD drug for severe epilepsy cases).

In short, GW Pharmaceuticals was recently sued by Canopy Growth for using their CO2 technology to extract CBD to make Epidiolex. If Canopy Growth wins the case against GW Pharmaceuticals, it will be in a position to sue almost any cannabis oil producer in the US.

A Washington D.C. patent attorney, Larry Sandell, says that they’re unsure of just how much Canopy Growth’s patent encompasses CO2 extraction. As such, a lot of companies using the CO2 extraction technique could potentially get sued for copyright infringement, which is a cause for concern for a lot of people. 

Now, GW Pharmaceuticals, and anyone else that gets sued, will have to prove to the court that their extraction methods are not the same as the one patented by Canopy Growth.