CBD and THC Might Help With Short-Term Chronic Pain

Health News - CBD and THC Might Help With Short-Term Chronic Pain

According to a recent systematic review tackling the advantages and drawbacks of using cannabis for chronic pain, cannabis products containing both THC and CBD might help treat chronic pain in the short term. 

However, whether these products are beneficial in the long run is unknown.

The researchers used 25 studies assessing the effectiveness of various cannabis products, focusing on the products’ THC and CBD levels, as well as their THC-to-CBD ratio. 

While their findings were somewhat inconclusive due to the lack of data on some products and their effectiveness, the researchers did discover something interesting. 

Namely, patients using oral preparations with a high THC-to-CBD ratio and those using sublingual extracted cannabis products with equal THC-to-CBD ratio could experience short-term improvements in chronic pain.

However, they also discovered that cannabis product users might be at a higher risk of dizziness and sedation.

While the review provided valuable data, it also revealed that many studies had various shortcomings that could impact the results. For example, they identified imprecisions in estimating the effect of the cannabis products, as well as some methodological limitations. 

Furthermore, one of the studies had a faulty cannabis products classification system; some studies lacked information on the cannabis products; some provided insufficient evidence for a number of products. 

Additionally, the review didn’t include studies written in other languages besides English.

Because of this, the researchers plan to update their review every three months to incorporate fresh evidence on this topic that may crop up and attempt to get a clearer picture when it comes to this matter.