American Shaman Opens CBD Dispensary Within Grocery Store

Lifestyle News - Groceries

Thanks to their anxiety- and stress-relieving properties and calming effects, CBD products have been particularly popular since the COVID outbreak.

As people try to distance themselves, they spend more time shopping online and don’t linger around stores as much as they used to. This leads to skyrocketing online sales of CBD products, albeit in-store sales have started declining.

Standing out in today’s market is an impossible task, especially considering the sheer number of companies. Yet, American Shaman found a new solution.

One of the leading CBD companies in the industry has partnered up with Kansas City-based Balls Food’s Price Chopper and opened a dispensary inside one of their grocery stores on Barry Road in Kansas City, Missouri.

Large retailers like CVS, Kroger, and Whole Foods Market sell only CBD topicals, so retailers like Balls’ Price Chopper can offer a wider selection of CBD edibles, vapes, capsules, oil, and so on.

As the demand for CBD products continues to mount, a CBD store within a supermarket will provide both American Shaman and Price Chopper a chance to interact with customers in a new and unique way. Moreover, this is also a neat opportunity to explore and appeal to new markets, creating new revenue flows for both companies involved.

In turn, customers will also benefit from this union as they’ll have a better opportunity to educate themselves on CBD, pose questions, learn more about the products, and find the perfect one for their specific needs.

The store-within-a-store concept is both welcoming and inviting. It offers an intimate environment where customers can feel more relaxed and can freely inquire about the various products and samples American Shaman has to offer.

We’re fairly certain this cross-category partnership is going to become the latest trend!