CBD Is Trending in Japan Despite Tight Cannabis Laws

Industry News - CBD Is Trending in Japan Despite Tight Cannabis Laws

Oils, gummies, cosmetics, and recently, vending machine drinks — cannabidiol (CBD) is everywhere in Japan despite the continuous legal and moral demonization of cannabis use. 

Famous for having one of the strictest laws regarding drug use, marijuana included, Japan is now promoting this non-psychoactive compound of cannabis. This is a big deal considering that nicotine-containing e-cigarettes are still banned in the country.

Indeed, despite the law prohibiting weed use since 1948, Japanese officials seem to have no problem producing and selling CBD. 

Reputed as a health ally for conditions involving pain, anxiety, and insomnia, CBD is sold in local cafes, health stores, and beauty shops. Even in airports, CBD in Japan is sold in every form imaginable, from vapes and makeup to different edibles and drinks. 

So, Japan’s cannabidiol industry is undeniably in full swing, even in a climate of strong social stigma against THC-containing marijuana.

Namely, with only 1.4% percent of Japanese admitting to ever trying pot, this Asian country has one of the lowest marijuana user rates in the world. 

This is not surprising, given that citizens risk five to seven years of imprisonment for cannabis possession. Cultivators and smugglers risk an additional fine of $15,000 (two million yen).

With Epidiolex recently approved for clinical trials, Japan is very far from legalizing weed for medicinal and recreational use. In fact, the only CBD legal in the island country is the one extracted from stems, thus abiding by their zero THC policy.   

Moreover, foreign citizens burdened with marijuana or other drug convictions are denied entry to the country. 

So, if you want to avoid a Brittney Griner scenario, you should refrain from buying or importing any product that contains THC. If you must absolutely have your CBD dose, stick to reputable brands that guarantee 100% THC-free products.