CBD Rises in Popularity Among UK and US Consumers

Industry News - UK and US Popularity

Slowly but surely, CBD products are getting more and more traction on US and UK markets; especially so among health communities. In fact, relevant online data shows that it’s generating interest in both traditional medicine and alternative health industries.

Dr. John W. Ayers, hailing from the University of California San Diego, points towards CBD’s popularity. Acting as the vice chief of innovation at his University’s center for infectious diseases and global public health, Dr. Ayers is a co-author of a study that shows interesting results.

Namely, by analyzing the number of searches a specific health term carries, researches have shown just how much interest and popularity CBD currently holds. Searches for CBD and cannabidiol in the US have greatly overtaken terms like apple cider vinegar by over 500%, vaccination by 63%, acupuncture by 749%, meditation by 338%, and so on.

Dr. Ayers also pointed out that just three years ago there were barely any searches for CBD online. Today there are around “6.4 million unique searches” on a monthly basis.

But, the popularity of CBD can be seen in other spheres as well. As a matter of fact, just this year, the first carbonated CBD drink found within Europe’s borders has seen an insane increase in demand. The CEO of Green Monkey, the company that sells the drink, claims that the most demand can be seen in more accessible CBD products. Mr. Davies attributes his company’s recent success to the simple fact of people becoming more informed about CBD, and their curiosity in wanting to try it.

While Mr. Davies states that his products are thoroughly tested and completely safe, as well as lacking any trace of THC, the industry remains relatively unregulated. Still, this hasn’t stopped the growth of CBD’s popularity.

The success seen by Green Monkey, along with the data gathered by Dr. John W. Ayers, points towards the clear interest and enthusiasm UK and US consumers have towards CBD. While the future of this industry is still relatively uncertain due to the lack of complete regulation, the industry professionals should be cautiously optimistic.

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