CBD Yoga: The Latest Fitness Craze

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Who would say that fitness and cannabis go together so well? However, the latest craze in the wellness and fitness world has proved that these two actually do work together rather well.

Today, more and more athletes use various CBD oils and CBD-infused products, so it’s no wonder that yogis have embraced cannabidiol, as well. Tribe Hot Yoga studio from Mantua Township, Gloucester County, offers this incredible mixture of exercise and cannabis.

People who use CBD and who practice yoga actually want to achieve the same thing. Yogis practice this ancient skill to calm their anxiety, relieve pain, and lower their stress levels. The same thing can be achieved with the use of cannabis oils, tinctures, and lotions.

These yoga classes are held once a month, and the studio combines them with Blue Ridge Hemp products. At the start of the class, the instructor explains the benefits of using CBD and it’s background in detail.

Simultaneously, another instructor goes around the studio and massages CBD-infused gel into their students’ shoulders, arms, and backs, to help them alleviate pain and soreness in their muscles. At the end of the class, everyone gets a gift bag with a single dose of CBD oil and a homemade CBD-infused brownie.

The studio has received great positive feedback, and there are numerous believers in this kind of yoga.

This fitness craze may as well become a new fitness trend, with so many believers in CBD’s healing powers, both among athletes and “regular” people. People praise the positive effects of this CBD/exercise combo, but it remains to be seen whether it will thrive.

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