Charlotte’s Web Will Sponsor ValidCare’s Human CBD Trial

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The absolute leader in the CBD industry and creator of the most trusted CBD extract in the world, Charlotte’s Web, is stepping up to support the research that will address the FDA’s request for more scientific data on CBD products and human organism.

As they’ve always been a conscious company committed to using their business for good and innovative purposes, Charlotte’s Webb will sponsor ValidCare’s scientific study aimed at answering the FDA’s concerns about CBD safety. Even though ValidCare has invited more than 100 CBD companies to participate, only Charlotte’s Web, Kannaway, HempFusion, Columbia Care, CBD American Shaman, CBDistillery, and Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Labs have decided to collaborate, demonstrating leadership, commitment, and concern about the safety of their consumers.

Besides thousands of available CBD brands and products, the FDA is regulating only Epidiolex, a CBD-based drug prescribed for severe childhood epilepsy. However, other hemp-derived CBD products aren’t regulated, so ValidCare has decided to take the lead and obtain “real-world evidence,” as they call it, from healthy US adults who have consumed CBD products orally for at least 60 days.

The FDA needs continual data collection from qualified experts in order to create a suitable regulatory scheme specific to CBD, and ValidData’s research will provide scientific data that will guide the entire CBD industry.

The study should start in early Q3, 2020, and finish by the end of 2020. It should include a minimum of 700 participants whose personal history, blood tests, and medical data will be combined to provide multiple variables across products, lifestyles, and populations. This will help researchers understand the effects of daily use of full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and CBD isolate on the human liver.

Tim Orr, the Vice President of Innovation for Charlotte’s Web, said that this is a very important time to conduct scientific research regarding the hemp-derived CBD, as they advocate for the FDA regulation. Furthermore, Charlotte’s Web has always been supportive of and invested in scientific research, including both external and internal studies, as they believe that prioritizing scientific research is essential for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of CBD products as well as developing consumer trust.

Having the greatest names in the CBD industry team up is a sure sign of an oncoming positive change in the industry.

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