Check Out If Your Fav Cannabis Event Been Cancelled

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As instances of individuals contracting the newest disease, COVID-19, increase at an alarming rate all around the world, restrictions on large public events and travel have been put in place.

This also means that many famous performers and artists are canceling their gigs due to the ongoing epidemic. Were you planning on attending a cannabis-related festival, event, or conference soon, yet you’re unsure whether it will actually be held or not?

Here is a brief list of the upcoming cannabis festivals that are either canceled or postponed until the coronavirus epidemic has been stabilized.


Cannabis Relief Festival in Baltimore: Canceled

Unfortunately, the event that was to be held on March 28 has been canceled and all payments by vendors will be refunded.


SXSW: Canceled

The greatest uproar was caused by the shutdown of SXSW by Austin on March 6. Check the SXSW’s website to find out how to get your ticket back.


Hall of Flowers: Postponed

Initially, this event was to be held at the beginning of April in Palm Springs, but now it seems that the organizers are going to postpone it for later this year.

However, we are unsure when exactly this will be.

CCIA Annual Policy Conference: Postponed

The annual policy conference of the California Cannabis Industry Association was initially planned to be held on March 18 in Sacramento, but it has been postponed.

According to organizers, they are considering other methods for their members to stay involved through a variety of events hosted locally in the form of webinars and workshops.

Coachella: Postponed

Even though Coachella is not actually a cannabis-themed event, we have to admit that cannabis is definitely involved.

According to sources, the event was initially scheduled to start on April 10, but it has been postponed for October 9 and 16.


NoCo Hemp Expo: Postponed

According to reports by Westword, the expo was initially to be held from March 26–28 in Denver, but it will be postponed until August 6–8.


Conversations in Cannabis: Postponed

The discussion series in Everett, Massachusetts, has been postponed, but we are unsure until when. Initially, it was supposed to be scheduled for March 19.

Keep in touch with us, as we will definitely be updating this list of postponed or canceled events.

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