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Some would say that religion and cannabis don’t mix, but Pastor Adam Swanson from Murfreesboro, Tennessee has proven otherwise.

In addition to co-pastoring Victory Christian Center in Murfreesboro, Adam Swanson is the CEO of Swanson Christian Products, a company that sells anything from stationery supplies to clothes. Last year, he decided to branch out into the cannabis business by planting and processing hemp.

So, how does a pastor get into the CBD industry? Swanson says that it was guidance from God.

A combination of several factors, including friends praising the effects of CBD oil on back pain and insomnia, led to his decision to start growing hemp and launching his own line of CBD products, called Gen 1:29.

Adam says that the name is a reference to Genesis 1:29, a verse from the Bible that talks about how God created every seed and herb for man’s own good. He believes that all plants are a gift from God and are meant to be used to help and heal people.

Gen 1:29 includes an array of CBD products, such as tinctures, body lotions, massage oils, and edibles. The Gen 1:29 store in Murfreesboro even sells dried hemp buds.

Despite facing criticism from the Christain community, Swanson says he doesn’t doubt his decision, although he admits that he struggled in the beginning. God has taught him not to pass judgment on others, he adds, especially those who are seeking to alleviate pain by using natural remedies.

CBD has a complicated relationship with Christianity. While some support CBD oil and its healing powers, others are distancing themselves entirely. Christian Book Distributors, formerly called CBD, went as far as changing their name in an effort to disassociate the company from the product.

The CBD industry is growing, a fact none of us can escape. Whether other Christians will follow the example of Pastor Adam Swanson and use God’s gifts for the benefit of all living creatures, remains to be seen.

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