Colorado Aims to Tighten Cannabis Laws in 2021

Politics News - Colorado Aims to Tighten Cannabis Laws in 2021

Less than a month before the end of the 2021 legislative session (June 12, 2021), Colorado’s House Speaker Alec Garnett introduced a new bill that aims to restrict the abuse of marijuana concentrates.

The result of a months-long debate, HB 21-1317, comes as a succession of the numerous cannabis restrictions in the Centennial State, ranging from excluding certain vape additives to a complete ban on delta-8 THC

However, this time the focus is on medicinal marijuana use and includes the following. 

  • Vendors will have to sell medical concentrates of marijuana in packages not bigger than 0.1 grams.
  • Colorado School of Public Health is required to create a public campaign explaining the risks of high-potency THC products based on scientific study reviews.
  • The CDPHE is mandated to make a report based on the discharge data of all hospital patients suspected of marijuana use.
  • Coroners will make mandatory toxicology screenings for all cases of suicide, overdose, or accidental deaths. The goal is to find a potential link between accidents, the high suicide rates, and cannabis abuse. 
  • Doctors will write detailed therapy recommendations, not surpassing 8g of concentrates per day for adults and 2g per day for those aged between 18 and 20 years (except for the homebound). 
  • Young patients (18—20) will need to consult and get a signed confirmation from two doctors that their diagnosis is compatible with medical cannabis therapy, and do regular 6-month visits. 
  • Implementation of a real-time tracking system of marijuana medicine purchases will be to prevent abuse.

The bill is the fruit of Colorado’s two-decades-long experience with medicinal marijuana use and cases of “uncontrolled dabbing” like the one of Johnny Stack.

With this bill, besides being a pioneer for legalization, Colorado can also be the example for cannabis regulation.