Companies Looking to Invest in the EU Cannabis Market

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Europe is rife with potential when it comes to cannabis and hemp-derived products. Both Canada and the United States have faced and overcome certain hurdles, and while the war has not yet been won, the future is looking pretty bright. From marijuana being legalized across the country, to the allowance of medical cannabis on campuses, there is a lot of room for growth here.

However, the situation is the same, if not better, in the EU.

The European Union may not have amazing results with cannabis just yet, due to the fragmented legal status it has across EU’s many countries. However, the potential is there, as many companies have noticed.

At the recent Bazina Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago, many of the attendees looked towards the world. W. Scott Boyes, of MPX International Corp, claims that the cannabis industry will find its place as a global market soon enough.

Furthermore, Robert Kelly from Aurora Cannabis Inc., Jim Keough, the chief financial officer of Sundial Growers Inc., and Mr. Boyes all believe that Europe is “ripe” for the “interest, investment, and legalization” that were present in North America just a few years back.

Kelly also stated that he is looking forward to the opportunities which can be found in France and in Ireland, as well as those in Poland and in Luxembourg.

Furthermore, Kelly’s Aurora Cannabis Inc. had the honor of taking part in the German government’s medical marijuana program. They, among two other companies, will provide cannabis to Germany.

Denmark’s NNE, working on medical cannabis, is in regular contact with Canada, sharing knowledge and experiences relevant to the field. With its low energy prices, a strong workforce, and legislation that is open to cannabis itself, this is one EU country that is ripe for the development of the cannabis industry.

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