Connecticut Senate Consents to Recreational Cannabis Use

Politics News - Connecticut Senate Consents to Recreational Cannabis Use

After July 1st, Connecticuters above 21 years will have an unusually joyful summer by the looks of it. This Tuesday, the Nutmeg State officially legalized the recreational use of marijuana, becoming the 19th US state to do so.  

This was somewhat anticipated in 2021’s cannabis legalization predictions, given that Democrats hold 24 of 36 Senate seats in Connecticut.

However, not everybody was happy that the Constitution State is joining  Virginia (March) and New York (April) in the 2021’s legalization list.

The Connecticut Medical Society opposed the bill, expressing fear of the adverse effects on the younger population.

On the other side, Gov. Ned Lamont, who signed the Senate Bill 1201, stated that he believes this is the best and the most comprehensive cannabis bill in the US.

So, what’s in it?   

  • Adults (21years or older) are allowed to have and consume 1.5 ounces of plant material and possess additional 5 ounces in a locked compartment in their vehicles (trunk, glove box) or at home. 
  • Medicinal marijuana patients will be granted the cultivation of no more than six cannabis plants, out of which a maximum of three mature ones as of October 1, 2021.
  • The outlines for an equitable marketplace, where the Social Equity Council will give at least 50% of the first cannabis licenses to those minority applicants—victims of the war on drugs.   
  • Up to 75% of the revenue will be re-invested in the community and on equity efforts
  • Local officials will have control over where and how many cannabis retailers there will be through the implementation of zoning. The same goes for locations where cannabis consumption is allowed. For example, 
  • Cannabis use won’t be allowed on state parks, beaches, and waters. 
  • Strict product safety protocols.
  • 5mg THC per serving cup.
  • The establishment of a retail market by summer 2022.

With this new boost to the cannabis market, its value will likely attain 100b by 2026, as experts have predicted.