Dangerous Cannabis-Laced Cake Incident Strikes Again

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This is no laughing matter. Even though the children involved in this particular incident remained unharmed, unknowingly ingesting cannabis edibles can severely affect a person’s coordination, breathing, behavior, balance, and concentration. In fact, in higher doses, it can easily cause depression and even coma.

The incident with the cannabis-laced cake occurred fairly recently in the Eskasoni Immersion School, where primary to grade 4 students were unknowingly served a molasses cake containing cannabis. When the event was over, a number of children and adults reached out for medical assistance after feeling sick; a couple of people who went to the hospital tested positive for tetrahydrocannabinol.

Fortunately, according to sources, everyone who attended the event and tasted the cake has successfully recovered from the cannabis-laced dessert.

However, what made parents even more furious was the fact that the majority did not find out about this incident until the Eskasoni School Board posted about it on Facebook. Furthermore, the post became a source of memes and jokes, which made parents even more upset.

The school’s Facebook post urged everyone who had digested or brought home food from the previously mentioned event to seek out medical assistance as quickly as possible. Also, one of the parents of an eight-year-old girl who ate a piece of the molasses cake claimed that her daughter arrived home that night feeling very tired and looking surprisingly pale.

This is not the first case of cannabis-laced food being served to individuals without their knowledge — in November, a cannabis cake was accidentally served to guests at a funeral in Germany.

Overall, the authorities are still investigating the “molasses cake” incident, and they ask anyone who has felt ill to immediately reach out for professional medical help. Furthermore, the police are trying to determine the initial source of the THC.

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