Does Cannabis Oil Help with Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

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Inflammatory bowel disease or IBD for short is a term used to describe disorders concerning the chronic inflammation of the digestive tract.  Even though there are several ways to treat the condition, the latest findings show that cannabis oil may prove to be quite helpful in young adults with IBS. Active compounds from the Cannabis sativa plant referred to as cannabinoids have been shown to suppress inflammation and weaken different disease symptoms.

Cannabinoids such as cannabidiol have been found to decrease the level of inflammation in animals, further suggesting that it may provide relief for patients with ulcerative colitis. One study, in particular, found that cannabinoids alleviate neuropathic pain linked with the disease. Moreover, THC can reduce the inflammation processes in the gut.

Another study conducted in 2019 by Hoffenberg, et al. looked into the effects of oral or sublingual cannabis oil on young adults and adolescent patients diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. The study analyzed patients from ages 13-23 between 2015-2017 at the Children’s Hospital Colorado and found that cannabis oil generally affected the quality of sleep, nausea, and appetite. The study concluded that patients with the condition who used cannabis oil perceived significant medical benefits.

Even though the results are impressive, further studies on the topic are required to assess the full effects of cannabis oil on patients with IBS. Also, researchers should investigate the various doses of cannabis and the routes of administration.

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