Don’t Smoke Medicinal Pot — Eat It Instead!

Lifestyle News - Don’t Smoke Medicinal Pot — Eat It Instead!

First State Compassion (FCS) opened a new medicinal cannabis kitchen located in Wilmington, Delaware. Namely, thousands of candies and baked goods will be made each day, allowing medicinal marijuana patients to take their daily dose in the form of an edible, just outside of Wilmington.

Interestingly, this is also where FSC opened its first marijuana dispensary back in 2015.

According to cannabis kitchen officials, a lot of patients prefer eating cannabis to inhaling it due to toxic side-chemicals produced through smoking. This is also the reason why in the vaping vs. smoking dilemma, vaping takes the upper hand.

Best of all, these edibles will be available almost anywhere; the FSC enjoys national licensing and technical support that they’ve obtained through a deal with the multi-state operator MariMed Inc.

If the name sounds oddly familiar, chances are you’ve heard about the biggest weed brownie ever made, which was baked to promote their latest brand — Betty’s Eddies (organic juice-infused, vegan edibles).

In addition to that, Delaware law states that plants have to be grown locally, which is precisely what FSC is planning. That said, the state still hasn’t green-lighted recreational marijuana.

Currently, in order to qualify for medicinal marijuana in the Blue Hen State, you need to be 18 or above and diagnosed with severe conditions like AIDS, cancer, other terminal illnesses, seizures, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The FSC cannabis kitchen is also open to those with chronic pain, opioid addictions, and autism that is characterized by self-injurious or aggressive behavior.