ElleVet Release CBD Chews for Dogs Just in Time for 4th July

Lifestyle News - 4th July

After a year of rigorous testing and research, ElleVet Sciences has finally released their situational stress-fighting CBD chews for dogs — “Calm and Comfort.”

The market is already packed with various CBD treats and chews, so what makes these, in particular, so innovative and different?

For starters, ElleVet Sciences CBD+CBDA chews are intended for emergency use only. The chews are made to provide fast relief in stress-inducing situations like grooming, vet visits, and loud noises.

Calm and Comfort Maximum Strength chews contain 46mg of CBD per chew, CBDA (cannabidiolic acid), rice bran, brewer’s yeast, and peanut butter; yummy! The chews are also pork flavored, so your pooch will enjoy munching on them quite a bit. Seeing how there are very few available options for managing stress in dogs, vets have been having difficulties recommending the right product for treating situational stress

Luckily, ElleVet Sciences has managed to tackle the challenge and create a safe and effective product that concentrates on those high-stress, emergency needs. Moreover, ElleVet Sciences has partnered up with Cornell and conducted a clinical trial to make sure their CBD chews are safe for use.

ElleVet Sciences CEO Christian Kjaer explains that pet owners should keep these CBD chews on hand and give them to their pets only when needed, and not every day.

With summer holiday travels on the horizon and the 4th of July fireworks coming up, these CBD chews will provide an effective solution to both vets and pet owners alike when it comes to treating fear, stress, and anxiety in their doggos.

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