Entertainment 360 Working on a New Cannabis Industry Series

Entertainment News - Entertainment 360 Working on a New Cannabis Industry Series

Film enthusiasts, dedicated stoners, and occasional weed lovers, we have good news for you! If you’ve ever wanted to watch a series about the history of the marijuana industry and its growth, you’re in for a treat.

Entertainment 360 decided to team up with two famous cannabis brands, Cookies and Gashouse, to create a new series focused on the origins of the now-famous cannabis companies.

This one-hour drama inspired by true events will tell the story of the beginnings of Berner, an entrepreneur, American rapper, and the creator of Cookies, one of the most famous clothing and accessory brands in California, and Felix Murry, the co-founder of Gashouse. 

The writing of the series will be put in the capable hands of Snowfall co-creator, Eric Amadio.  He will work alongside the director of Den of Thieves, Christian Gudegast, who will direct the pilot episode.

Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., known by his stage name Berner, is a US entrepreneur and rapper. He’s also the creator of Cookies, a clothing and accessory brand that sells lunch bags, duffle bags, and “smell proof” backpacks.

The series will emphasize Berner’s life, from his humble beginnings as a weed dealer and budtender, living in a studio apartment with four other people, to becoming a famous rapper, investor, and entrepreneur.   

At the same time, Felix Murry’s story will follow his 20-year journey to success.

Both Murry and Berner will be executive producers of the series, along with Guymon Casady and Evan Silverberg. 

While we still don’t know the details about the release date and the number of episodes, we are eager to see the show, which will most likely inspire many young cannabis entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.