Europe’s Largest Medicinal Cannabis Program Is Now Live

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In November 2019, Drug Science launched the biggest medicinal cannabis registry in Europe — Project21.

The aim of the project is to enroll some 20,000 medical cannabis patients by the end of 2021 and to monitor both the effectiveness and tolerability of medical cannabis in patients. Consequently, they wish to prove to policymakers that medicinal cannabis should be made affordable and accessible to everyone that needs it.

But, more importantly, the project is now live!

Still, Project21 is not a clinical trial, it’s just a registry of medicinal cannabis patients. It registers patients suffering from conditions like PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, substance use disorder, Tourette’s, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Cellen Therapeutics, Khiron Life Sciences, Senzer Pharmaceuticals, and Bod Australia Ltd are but some licensed producers and private clinics the project networks and works with. They provide patients with the highest-quality CBMPs (cannabis-based medicinal products), subsidized at $195. The medicines include dried flowers with different levels of CBD and THC, synthetic preparations, and CBD oils.

Seeing how the consultations will be held in private clinics, patients will have to cover the consultation fees.

On top of that, patients applying for the program have to have tried at least two different licensed medications that led to unsuccessful results.

The data analysis, including the project findings, will take place sometime in late 2022.

This is definitely the most unique project thus far, bringing together patients, clinicians, academia, and the industry together, each doing their part to bring innovation and change into the world of medicine for the betterment of the patients.