First Cannabis Delivery App Will Soon Launch In Winnipeg

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Winnipeg based cannabis enthusiasts will soon be able to order their favorite cannabis products anytime, via a cannabis delivery phone app.

The president and co-founder of Super Anytime company that is launching the app, Ian Delves, says that it will function similarly to Uber Eats or Skip the Dishes, very popular food delivery apps. Delves also says that what the company is trying to improve is the accessibility and choice of cannabis products for their customers, and to further use this feature to fight the black market, so that their customers’ money can end up in legitimate channels.

Delves and Super Anytime co-founder and CEO Kniazeff already have one very successful app for alcohol delivery. They launched Boozer in 2017 in Toronto, and have since expanded their business to Vancouver. Delves and Kniazeff are enthusiastic that their cannabis delivery app can reach the same success.

The app will be available for both iOS and Android users, and there will also be a website where customers can browse cannabis products that are available in stores in their area. Cannabis products will be distributed by delivery services the cannabis retailers are using at the moment.

They chose Winnipeg specifically because Manitoba’s regulations for governing cannabis in Canada are a bit less strict than in the rest of the country.

The app is supposed to be in full run by November or December.

Whether Super Anytime will reach the popularity of Boozer remains to be seen, but having in mind that cannabis and CBD are the latest trends, the app probably has a bright future.

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