First Cannabis Shop in Boston Looted During City Riots

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Pure Oasis — a recreational cannabis dispensary in Boston — was one of many targets hit by looters during riots in said city. According to sources, around 1:43 AM on Monday, over a dozen individuals broke into the store and stole around 2,000 containers of cannabis flowers worth over $100,000 and some 2,000 pre-rolled joints

As a reminder, Pure Oasis is both the first cannabis shop in Massachusetts that is Black-owned and the very first dispensary of its kind in Boston. 

What’s more, the Boston Globe just recently obtained security footage showing people entering the dispensary and exiting with armfuls of different products. To make matters worse, cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts were already at risk of closing due to the coronavirus outbreak

So, how will these riots impact cannabis stores now?

According to the co-owner of Pure Oasis, Kobie Evans, the incident was nothing less than a targeted attack. Evans argues that the shop’s location is nowhere near the epicenter of the looting that went on Sunday night. Hence, looters were well aware that the attention of the police was elsewhere at the time. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. Two other local cannabis shops were also targeted following the riots on Sunday. According to sources, the police are investigating the incidents at Patriot Care in Boston and Mayflower Medicinals in Allston as well.

The Cannabis Control Commission told 7News on Tuesday that they are deeply concerned for the health and wellbeing of constituents, including all the licensees who have been distressed by the harm done to communities of color. The CCC further added that they will collaborate with local authorities to make sure that all residents of Massachusetts are safe during this period.

The first shop in Massachusetts that went through CCC’s economic empowerment program was none other than Pure Oasis. As a reminder, this program aims to assist communities of color to achieve a footing in the booming industry, following the effects of the previous inordinate cannabis laws. 

Evans stated that both he and Pure Oasis’s co-owner, Kevin Hart, stand in solidarity with the individuals protesting institutional racism following the murder of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis. On Tuesday, Pure Oasis reopened with a single boarded-up storefront window. According to Evans, Pure Oasis will be OK.

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