First CBD-Themed Cafe and Boutique Opens in Hong Kong

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Despite the stigma surrounding CBD, the growing availability of beauty and wellness products has prompted the people of Hong Kong to explore the world of cannabinoids, learn more about the products, and eventually try them.

Enter FoundHong Kong’s first CBD boutique and cafe, where people can learn everything there is to know about cannabinoids and CBD-infused products, as well as try them.

The cafe opened quite discretely last month without any pomp and fanfare. Worse yet, it’s not the easiest place to find. Located in Sheung Wan’s Tai On Terrace, it’s tucked in behind hills and stairs. However, once you’ve “Found” the place, the efforts will be well worth it.

The boutique offers a wide selection of CBD products for humans and pets, so both you and your furry best friend can enjoy some of the best CBD gummies, capsules, and oils. For now, customers can buy prepackaged CBD-infused foods and beverages; the cafe will be fully operational in August. 

In addition to the standard menu, the cafe offers CBD pastries, coffee, kombucha, cookies, chocolate, and so on. Moreover, they’ll be exclusive carriers for CBD brands, like Life CBD, in the form of a business-to-business platform that offers CBD liquids and powders to various companies.

Found’s main goal is to educate its clientele and help them find the perfect product for their needs. The team will not only teach its customers about the many potential benefits of cannabinoids, but Found is also going to host various wellness activities and workshops for people who’d like to learn even more.

We believe that CBD will become one of the major trends in Hong Kong when it comes to wellness and health, helping people balance both their minds and bodies.