First Commercial Cannabis Harvest on the East Coast

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In the first cannabis harvest field of the East Coast, thousands of cannabis flowers being harvested for the first time. The risk has paid off, and now there’s close to an acre of cannabis plants that have been looked after tenderly for a very long time.

Highly skilled workers, all suited up in plastic sleeves and wearing latex gloves, were trained specifically for this job are now able to collect the tacky and smelly paste the plant produces. This part of the country will always remember this as the image of the first commercial cannabis harvest on the East Coast.

This is nothing unusual for cannabis farmers in Colorado, Oregon and Northern California, since they have been growing cannabis in open fields for decades now. However, the East Coast marijuana farmers have so far grown their cannabis in warehouses and greenhouses.

This region has been a bit slower in legalizing marijuana, and the climate is also not very helpful. The East Coast is known to be very humid, with temperatures that vary very often, which is far less than ideal for growing marijuana in the outdoors.

One of the reasons for all this is the fact that there’s an enormous difference in taste when it comes to indoors and outdoors grown cannabis. Michael Wheeler, the vice president of Flow Kana, says that the difference can be compared to the majestic taste of a “ripe, sun-grown tomato from a farmers market” and a regular, indoors grown tomato.

Some of the best experts from this industry claim that outdoor-grown cannabis develops and ripens more terpenes, which is not so practical indoors.

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