First Ever THC-Infused Gummies Launched in Texas

Health News - First Ever THC-Infused Gummies Launched in Texas

A Florida-based cannabis company, Surterra Wellness, which also has a dispensary in Austin, Texas, has launched its first cannabis-infused gummies in the state of Texas at the end of January. The president of the company, Marcus Ruark, says the gummies are mainly made to provide patients with larger doses of THC in a less invasive way.

Ruark said that one of the benefits of these gummies is that they contain terpenes. Terpenes are natural compounds that occur in cannabis and have a lot of therapeutic benefits. For some, the flavor makes it easier to consume medical marijuana, and also, they are a great new way for patients to intake THC.

Ruark also said: “Gummies are a popular dosing form in medical markets across the United States, and we thought it would be beneficial to bring it to patients here.”

In Texas, medical marijuana is legal. However, it’s very restricted. In order to consume medical marijuana, residents first must apply for the Texas Compassionate Use Program, allowing them to consume low-level cannabis products. The program is intended for people with epilepsy, seizures, terminal cancer, multiple sclerosis, incurable neurological disorders, autism, and ALS. 

Ruark hopes that providing gummies will raise awareness about Texas’ medical marijuana program. He says that around 2 million people in Texas are eligible for the program and consumption of medical marijuana but don’t know about it. 

Ruark says: “We want to get the word out about the benefits of cannabis, especially for veterans. It helps so much.”