First Pilot Alternative Cannabis Clinic Opened in Thailand

Health News - First Thai Clinic

The very first clinic specializing in alternative and traditional cannabis-based medicine in Bangkok has been opened recently; the best part — it works full-time! According to sources, this was all orchestrated by the government in an effort to support the growing medicinal cannabis industry in Thailand.

Nevertheless, the Public Health Minister, Anutin Charnvirakul, confessed at the opening ceremony that the new cannabis clinic was only a pilot; there are still not enough doctors with the right level of expertise in the matter. Furthermore, Charnvirakul added that patients will get treatment at the clinic for free for the first two weeks.

The Government Pharmaceutical Organization is currently the biggest producer of medicinal cannabis in the country. According to Kasetsart University’s director of research for medical cannabis, Natakorn Thasnas, the university will gladly supply 2,200 kilograms of cannabis for the Ministry to use. In fact, the production, the sale, and the cultivation of cannabis have been strictly limited to Thai producers who have a license.

At the moment, only research facilities and hospitals are allowed to apply for the production and the extraction of said substance.

Last year, the country eliminated hemp and cannabis extracts from its list of narcotics and suggested a draft law that would let each and every household cultivate a maximum of six plants. What’s more, the ministry revealed that patients were given four kinds of drugs with various mixes of THC and CBD to treat conditions such as insomnia, muscle stiffness, migraines, and neck pain during these medical trials.

In addition, the Ministry of Public Health announced that the innovative pilot clinic expects to see anywhere between 200–300 patients on a daily basis.

Thailand legalized the use of medicinal cannabis to allow continued research and treatments (back in 2017) in an effort to boost the country’s agricultural income. According to sources, there are almost 25 clinics in the country that use cannabis, but unlike the innovative pilot clinic, these clinics operate only a couple of days a week.

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