First Weed-Friendly Hotel Set to Open in Las Vegas

Industry News - First Weed-Friendly Hotel Set to Open in Las Vegas

Six years after legalizing recreational marijuana, Sin City will finally have the kind of hotel it deserves — a cannabis-friendly one! 

Alex Rizk, the owner of Pro Hospitality Group, announced the new $11.9 million venture as a  lifestyle, boutique hotel, and marijuana-friendly space once the pending legislation comes into power.

When renovated, the new Clarendon hotel, located just outside the Las Vegas Strip, will allow the smoking of cannabis in unique rooms designed particularly with this in mind.

So, what’s all the fuss? 

Well, all those who visited Sin City know that even though the plant had been legal for recreational consumption since 2016, consuming it was still illegal in Las Vegas casinos and hotels. Until now, that is.

This placed tourists in an awkward position… On one hand, they have a myriad of cannabis products and stores to choose from. And on the other, they have practically no legal place to consume it!

What’s more, the offer is nothing to sneeze at. Consumers will find anything from vapes and smokable marijuana to edibles. Plus, Sin City is where many premium brands are sold exclusively, like Mike Tyson’s Undisputed 87, for instance.

Not only will weed-enjoyers be able to toke up on Sahara Avenue and Interstate 15 where the hotel is located — but they’ll also be allowed to do it in numerous lounges across the state.

Several consumer spaces are expected to open up this year following Nevada’s approval of the bill last year. In addition, the Phoenix-based hotel administration hopes that this legislation will be in full swing by September when the renovation of this 64-room Artisan hotel is expected to finish.

Last but not least, they’re also planning to incorporate a shuttle service to and from a cannabis dispensary for those who want to taste Las Vegas cannabis as quickly and seamlessly as possible.