Former Disney Kid Launches Her Own Cannabis Brand

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The young actress Bella Thorne (22), former Disney kid and the founder of beauty brand “Thorne by Bella”, has teamed up with Glass House Group and launched the newly developed Cannabis and CBD brand by the illustrative name of Forbidden Flowers, offering a broad spectrum of cannabis plants, such as indica, sativa, and  farm-cultivated hybrids that have especially benefited from “coastal sun, organic standards, and environmental sensibility”, as per words of Glass House Group’s team.

While this is not the first time Thorne has indulged in an entrepreneurial escapade, this time there seems to be a profoundly personal reason behind it –  at several occasions, she has publicly spoken of her long-term struggle with anxiety and claimed that it was exactly cannabis that helped her to bring back the lost peace of mind. She also revealed her plans of starting out Q&A sessions with her numerous Instagram followers, which would be mostly dedicated to sharing the tips about mental well-being and the way CBD molds it.

Glass House Group, one of the most remarkable privately-held cannabis companies in the US, states that they are more than proud of this refreshing cooperation. As their Chief Marketing Officer states, what makes them especially excited is that thanks to Thorne and her sparkling spirit, they are approaching the completely new community that in the future might benefit from cannabis.

Forbidden Flowers have been launched on October 11, but we’re yet to find out about all the future retail locations, which will be published each week until November 21 on Thorne’s Instagram profile.

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