Former Miss UK Fights Brain Tumor by Using CBD Oil

Entertainment News - CBD for Brain Tumor

Kerri Parker, a famous Playboy model who played body double for Megan Fox, was diagnosed with a rare case of brain cancer in 2013. It was surgically removed but, unfortunately, it came back last year. This time it was completely inoperable, and the doctor told her that she would be dead by February.

Chemo sessions left Kerri exhausted, and took almost all the life out of her. She didn’t want to undergo all that stress once again, so she decided to try CBD oil instead, which was recommended to her by a friend. Experts, who advised her to undergo 12 rounds of chemo, told her that she wouldn’t survive even four rounds of CBD treatment, but she was determined to get her life back.

Even though CBD was illegal in the UK, Kerri was convinced that it was her only chance of staying alive. First, she got tested in Mexico and started taking CBD oil with more than 0.05% THC, which was legally sourced from the NHS. Soon, the swelling on her brain reduced, as well as the size of the tumor, and Kerri started getting her old life back — the only thing she ever wanted. The model even participated in the Miss World contest in August.

Her mother conducted some thorough research and Kerri started taking a combination of pet worming tablets (!) with the CBD oil she was already using. Recently, she took a scan that showed that the tumor has stopped growing altogether.

Despite lacking any hard, scientific proof that CBD oil helps treat cancer, Kerri remains resolute to continue her battle. Her case only proves that, although CBD oil can’t cure cancer all on its own, it can help reduce it and ease the symptoms to a degree. Kerri is not the only cancer patient whose life has been prolonged thanks to the potency of CBD oil. Nevertheless, detailed research is heavily advised before turning to alternative medicine of any kind.

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