From US to Mexico—Weed Trafficking Changes Course

Politics News - From US to Mexico—Weed Trafficking Changes Course

Weed gets smuggled across the US-Mexican border every day! — this is what we’re used to hearing. However, unlike the rest of illicit drugs, cannabis travels south — from the US to Mexico!

Indeed, legal American marijuana is a prized contraband in Mexico and a big chunk of the black market — a surprising fact, given that Mexico is one of the top global producers and traffickers of recreational drugs.

To give you an idea of Mexico’s drug market scale—the war on drugs in the country claimed over 250,000 lives since the military was first deployed to fight cartels in 2006. That said, given the small markup of 10%, Mexican cartels aren’t interested in the cannabis trade. 

Nevertheless, the market demand for America’s finest weed products continues to grow. This is not about to change any time soon, given the stall that Mexico’s weed legislature is experiencing. 

The legalization process for Mexico started back in 2018 but has progressed very little ever since. Earlier this year when the ruling party of the country — MORENA — announced a legalization bill that should make Mexico the most significant legal weed market on a global scale. 

However, this hasn’t happened yet.

In the meantime, Mexicans are enjoying high-quality US weed and weed products that, according to dealers, are being seamlessly trafficked across the border.

And this has been happening for almost a decade, ever since the medical marijuana boom in California. Indeed California has a special bond with the plant. Weed is considered so essential in the Golden State that cannabis workers were prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccination.

Nowadays, Mexicans developed a taste for Californian weed, which, at this point, makes about 60% of cannabis sold. The main reason behind it is the superior quality of the US’s cannabis vs the Mexican. 

So, sellers are proudly presenting these prestigious strains. Some cost $500 an ounce in Mexico, dealers said, for what might cost $150 in the US.