Fun&Cool THC Products Introduced by CBD Living

Lifestyle News - Fun&Cool THC Products Introduced by CBD Living

A well-known producer of cannabis products, CBD Living, has launched a new brand in California, THC Living. The goal of CBD Living was to fill out all of the needs and wishes of their customers and broaden the community. By launching a new THC brand, that’s exactly what they managed to do.

According to the founder and CEO, Bill DiSegna, CBD Living has no THC in its products. They’re also tested by independent third-party labs and you can find transparent test results on their website. So, that means that their only CBD products are made for people who don’t wish to have any doubt of a psychoactive effect or are extremely sensitive to THC content.

However, some people need a dose of THC or a mix of THC and CBD for their health and total relief. With this in mind, CBD Living launched a new brand, THC Living, for the people who need access to THC products.

THC Living made a new product, a 16-oz. sugar-free beverage that contains 100mg of THC. The liquid is an excellent start for people who need to determine the right amount of THC for them since they can drink the whole beverage all at once or drink it throughout the day. The liquid is available in three flavors: Pink Lemonade, Mango Lemonade, and Arnie 50/50 (a mix of Lemonade and Iced Tea Flavors).

Beverages can also be mixed with water or other ingredients of your choice. How do you make mocktails and cocktails that delicious? The secret probably lies in the nanotechnology used for creating a more bioavailable THC.