Germany Stuns EU by Announcing Ratification of Legal Weed

Politics News - Germany Stuns EU by Announcing Ratification of Legal Weed

Germany is in a hurry! Only a month after German chancellor Angela Merkel stepped down from office, the new governmental coalition announced its plan to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide.

Surprisingly, this is one of the few program points that the three new ruling parties —  the SPD, the CDU/CSU, and The Greens — were in agreement.

Hence, if everything goes smoothly, Germany will become the second country in Europe to legalize recreational marijuana after Malta decided to do so at the beginning of December. However, there’s no set schedule or a concrete action plan.

Still, if it does happen, Germany will become the largest country in the world where weed is legal in terms of population.

Moreover, the current legal situation in Germany for cannabis is peculiar. Namely, consuming cannabis is not illegal, yet purchasing it is. That said, the new deal is supposed to change this by:

  • Establishing a legal cannabis market
  • Defining regulative taxes
  • Opening cannabis shops and dispensaries
  • Determining quality regulations
  • Making youth-protection laws

Consequently, as per Financial Times, Germany will amass an additional $5.32 billion in its annual budget through tax revenue with this move.

Meanwhile, other EU countries plan to do the same. For one,  Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the Netherlands also announced their plans to set up a legally regulated cannabis market.

Overall, things look bright for European cannabis ever since the UN commission removed the plant from the list of addictive and dangerous drugs (in December 2020). Likewise, many European governments changed their attitude towards marijuana and are now looking to turn it into a profitable business.

So, will the legalization wave take off in the old continent just like it did in the States? We’re about to see. At the same time, in the US, legalization is picking up the pace; even Republicans moved towards federal legalization last month.