Ghanaian Coaches in Hot Waters After Cannabis Allegations

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Earlier this June, veteran coaches JE Sarpong and Ntow Gyan both claimed during different radio interviews that 60% of players in the Ghanaian domestic league smoke weed. Sarpong later went on to make further claims about marijuana usage among rugby players in the domestic league in Ghana. 

As such, Sarpong is now in hot waters due to these claims and has received a warning from the Ghana Premier League. The ethics committee of the Ghana Football Association has warned the coaches to be on good behavior following their comments. 

The two coaches are expected to partake in social work as punishment for their statements. This was a decision made by the ethics committee. After six weeks of working with an NGO, the NGO will fill in a report on the two coaches. The social work they are expected to do is in line with anti-doping and anti-drug abuse in sports, including youth. 

Sarpong originally didn’t retract his claims and even went on to talk about how he personally helped a soccer player get marijuana before a Premier League game. However, he (as well as coach Ntow Gyan) later apologized for the inappropriate comments. This happened once they were warned by the Ghana Premier League. 

The Ghana Football Association ethics committee has ruled that both coaches are expected to retract their statements and provide auditory proof of this. It is apparent that the committee is taking this as a serious matter and is intent on seeing it through.