Global Widget and Hemp Bombs Participate in CBD Liver Study

Health News - Global Widget and Hemp Bombs Participate in CBD Liver Study

Global Widget brands have partnered with ValidCare — the popular clinical research organization — to participate in a major observational study with some 1,000 subjects that will analyze the effects of CBD on liver health. Nature’s Script, Perfect Paws Hemp, and Hemp Bombs (two of Global Widget’s leading brands in the CBD industry) will play big roles in the mentioned study, as well as 12 other noteworthy CBD companies. 

If you didn’t know already, Nature’s Script offers a wide variety of CBD products ranging from edibles, topicals, gummies, CBD oil, capsules, to pet products. The same goes for Hemp Bombs, which also offers innovative CBD products to their customers. As for Perfect Paws Hemp, this brand specializes exclusively in pet-oriented CBD products, offering potential customers anything for their furry family members from CBD oils for cats to dog chews and CBD infused conditioners.

According to the legal officer and chief compliance for Global Widget, Margaret Richardson, Global Widget is an industry leader responsible for driving most of the science-based decision-making. Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the brand jumped at the opportunity to take part in a study that was created to address the FDA’s concerns.

COO of ValidCare, Rod Nuss, claims that Global Widget’s important investment in the upcoming study on CBD and liver health shows commitment to the safety of the consumers. As a reminder, besides working with third-party labs for complete panel lab results, Global Widget also performs its own testing and stability tests. Presently, the company is in the process of creating a scientific advisory board to aid its strategic development and expand its offerings.