Good News: New Cannabis Subscription Box Is Finally Here

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Over recent years, subscription boxes have really taken most industries by storm. Thousands of businesses have turned to this type of service to provide their customers with personalized monthly or bimonthly deliveries of makeup, clothes, kitchen utensils, scavenger hunt tools, and more. And now, it’s high time for the cannabis industry to join the subscription box craze.

The newly launched Nugg Club subscription box is about to join the likes of Ipsy, BarkBox, and StitchFix. Created by the founders of NuggMD — the leading telemedicine platform in the US focused on cannabis — the Nugg Club subscription box is currently available in both Los Angeles and Orange County.

For just $99 (plus taxes) per delivery, you can get 5–6 highly-curated, personalized full-size cannabis products (valued at around $225) delivered directly to your doorstep. 

Nugg Club works with a team of highly-specialized and certified cannabis curators that go through thousands of product reviews to find the best ones for Nugg Club subscribers. They look for products of the highest quality that offer the most value for money. What’s more, they prefer brands that are socially conscious and responsible. New brands are also heavily favored, so you’ll get a chance to try newly-launched products even before they hit store shelves.

Each Nugg Club box is extremely personalized. Before placing an order, you get to select the types of strains and products you want to receive, and each following box will improve based on your feedback.

You can choose to receive the Nugg Club box monthly, bimonthly, or every three months. The best part? There are no strings attached, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

The company is also well aware of the toll the current COVID-19 pandemic is taking on healthcare workers, who are experiencing a rise in anxiety, PTSD, and depression symptoms. All qualifying medical professionals can apply for a limited quantity of $1 (plus taxes) Nugg Club subscription boxes.

Seeing how people are still practicing social distancing, and how anxiety levels are reaching new heights, these subscription boxes may well be the perfect answer for satiating our personalized shopping cravings. Whatever the case, this launch is exciting for both the industry marketers and subscribers alike.

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