Gwyneth Paltrow Supporting Cannabis-Infused Beverage Maker

Entertainment News - Gwyneth Paltrow Endorsing Cann

Though Gwyneth Paltrow may well be the last person on your mind when talking about weed, the talented actress is the latest Hollywood celebrity to invest in the booming cannabis industry. In fact, Paltrow, the founder and CEO of Goop, has recently announced that she was endorsing Cann — a manufacturer of cannabis-infused beverages

According to Paltrow, weed is the “hero ingredient of the future.” In addition, the famous actress also stated that the reason behind her decision was her love for Cann beverages. Namely, she loves the fact that these products are infused with only a tiny amount of CBD and THC, making them an excellent alternative to alcohol.

Overall, the Cann brand is a popular producer of cannabidiol-infused drinks with some delicious flavors — like blood orange-cardamom, lemon-lavender, and grapefruit-rosemary. Likewise, each tonic contains 4mg of CBD and 2mg of THC

Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson, the two founders of Cann, claim that these microdoses allow consumers to have more than one drink without experiencing any negative side effects. The founders hope that Paltrow’s 7.5 million following on Instagram (as well as Goop’s 1.5 million IG followers and 2.5 million monthly podcast listeners) will help the brand bring in more customers looking to try a better alternative to alcohol.

What’s more, Paltrow also confessed that she was a firm believer in the spectacular medicinal qualities of the plant, despite not being the biggest cannabis user.

As a result, the actress turned wellness-guru is following in the footsteps of yet another TV celebrity — Martha Stewart, who launched a CBD gummy line with Canopy Growth

These delicious alcohol alternatives can be found in dispensaries across Nevada and California, as well as online, with plans to expand to four additional states in the coming months.