Halo Labs Getting Ready for Federal Cannabis Legalization

Industry News - Halo Labs Getting Ready for Federal Cannabis Legalization

Knowing that the majority of the House and Senate are Democratic, cannabis brands are hoping for a nation-wide, federal marijuana reform in the next four years.

Namely, one of the largest west coast cannabis companies, Halo Labs, is eagerly awaiting cannabis legalization to begin marketing cannabis products both in and out of the States.

According to Kiran Sidhu, the CEO of Halo Labs, and Kathryn Field, the president of said company, Joe Biden will legalize cannabis on a federal level somewhere in the near future, placing Halo Labs in a good position for potential jobs and deals.

The Oregon-based company, founded back in 2016, has become one of the biggest and most popular cannabis producers in its home state, as well as neighboring California. Moreover, the renowned cannabis company offers a wide array of different products and brands, including Exhale, Mojave, and Hush. 

Also, despite the 2020 fire season, there was a record harvest; both the state of Oregan and Halo Labs noted an increase in cannabis consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic — between January and November, Halo Labs made a whopping $1 billion in revenue in Oregon alone.  

The company also expanded to California in 2019 and began manufacturing cannabis concentrates and oils. There, they partnered up with the genetics powerhouse, Green Matter, to produce their delicious CBD-infused gummies. In addition, they plan to make one of the biggest cannabis greenhouses in the region.

Lastly, Sidhu claims that the upcoming federal marijuana reform will allow for more interstate activity and beget the perfect combination of price and quality