Colorado Cannabis Regulators to Ban Certain Vape Additives

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The proposal to ban certain additives found in cannabis vape products comes in response to a nationwide lung epidemic that has been associated with e-cigarettes and cannabis vape pens.

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division held a public meeting to discuss and finalize the proposed ban on certain ingredients found in cannabis vaping products.

The additives Colorado’s MED proposes to ban include: Polyethylene glycol (PEG), Vitamin E Acetate, and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT Oil).

All three are used as thinning agents to cut down cannabis oil in order to save costs. Vitamin E acetate, in particular, has already been pointed out as a possible cause of lung injuries in New York at the beginning of September.

Researchers are also suggesting that some of the additives the MED is attempting to prohibit have carcinogenic effects if they are heated to certain temperatures. However, Dr. Tyrell Towle, Director of Chemistry and Extraction at MedPharm, one of the companies that manufacture some of the vape products, says that none of these ingredients are necessary for the production process.

Representatives of Colorado cannabis companies support the ban on Vitamin E acetate but add that clearer regulation is needed. They fear that the ban on certain ingredients might result in producers using other chemicals, which could also have harmful effects.

There have been nine cases of lung disease in Colorado and seven people have been hospitalized. Three of the patients reported having used cannabis products, three others had used nicotine products, while only two had used both cannabis and nicotine products.

The cause behind the mysterious lung epidemic that is sweeping the nation still has not been determined. The CDC, in the meantime, is calling on the public to avoid the use of vape products, particularly ones that contain THC.

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