Hottest Cannabis Predictions for the Year 2020

Industry News - 2020 Predictions

This year has truly been ground-breaking for the cannabis industry.

From widespread legalization to news of innovative cannabis products launching on the market, it is safe to say that the outlook for the substance is definitely optimistic. And with New Year’s Eve approaching, we cannot hope but wonder: What does 2020 hold for cannabis?

Read on and find out the hottest predictions for the upcoming year!

1. Exotic cannabinoids will be the next craze.

Say goodbye to plain CBD and THC in the upcoming year and say hello to THCA and THCV — two rare types of cannabinoids. Yes, indeed, the predictions show that 2020 will be the year of innovative products featuring these rare cannabinoids, such as asthma inhalers.

2. New nationwide rules will be introduced concerning vapes.

The predictions show that the FDA will be merciless when it comes to vaping; although the new rules will probably just slow down the industry and won’t kill it entirely. Furthermore, CBD marketers will also be brushed back by FDA officials.

3. There will still be issues on the border.

If you are a celebrity traveling by a luxury jet, you need to be especially careful when crossing international lines with the substance. If you are a regular person who likes to smoke, then you too have to count on border problems.

4. New flavorful strains will be introduced.

Cannabis lovers who want to spice things up can rejoice because 2020 will be the year of new, delicious strains such as Vanilla Frosting and Lava Cake. Not only that, but candy-inspired strains will hit the market. So, keep a lookout for Gushers, Zkittlez, and Runtz.

In addition, less appealing strain flavors, such as GMO Cookies and Garlic Breath, will also debut next year.

5. To legalize or not to legalize?

Since the legalization of cannabis has already occurred in some of the most likely states, such as the ones on the West Coast and Massachusetts, it is anticipated that the Southern states, along with those in the Midwest, will slowly follow suit.

According to the 2020 cannabis predictions, the substance will be legalized in New York, while New Jersey’s efforts will fail. Moreover, legislation is going to fail in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Nevertheless, estimates show that South Dakota and Idaho will successfully legalize medical cannabis the following year.

6. There will be changes in policing priorities.

According to sources, the illegal THC vape cart factories will be raided by the DEA and federal task forces, and an increasing number of local officials will be apprehended for bribery concerning cannabis licensing. Furthermore, vape brands such as Kushy Punch will likely lose their licenses due to selling products to the illegal market.

Whether these predictions will come true or not, we will have to wait and see. Remember to stay tuned for the juiciest cannabis news!

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