How to Pick a Strain Based on Your Favorite Drink

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Not all cannabis is created equal, and different strains are known to produce different effects. Thus, individuals may pick or choose which type of strain they would like to ingest based on the effect they want to achieve and the reason for it in the first place.

An interesting article on by author Brett Konen is all about choosing a new strain by determining what an individual’s favorite beverage is. Let’s see what is recommended and which beverages go well with which type of strain.

1. Coffee lovers should choose Green Crack.

Certainly, coffee lovers will agree that there is nothing better than a rich cup of coffee anytime during the day. According to the article, coffee’s earthy and decadent flavor profile goes well with Green Crack, a popular strain famous for waking up creativity and adding a burst of energy.

2. Beer and Romulan are a match made in Heaven!

Star Trek fans already know where the name for this type of strain comes from! Named after a race of aliens from the popular series, experts recommend choosing it alongside a keg of chilled craft beer. Not only is Romulan potent, but its aromatics are out of this world.

3. Tea snobs should pick Daywalker.

According to many, Daywalker buds have a deep flavor reminiscent of fresh mint which leaves a bit of a dank aftertaste. Since it is well known for its extremely relaxing effects (great for treating insomnia and migraines), it goes best with a cup of quality tea in the evening.

4. A glass of water and a bit of Cannatonic should relax you.

So, you are looking to achieve all the benefits of proper hydration, but you are eager to find out what goes well with water? No matter whether it is sparkling, flavored, or plain water, Cannatonic has got you covered. This strain is usually described as having a mild earthy odor and a citrusy flavor, ideal for H2O lovers out there.

In conclusion, to get the most out of the experience, remember to choose wisely when picking a strain and ordering a drink. Enjoy and have fun!

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