Ice-T Plans to Open a Jersey City-Based Weed Dispensary

Ice-T Plans to Open a Jersey City-Based Weed Dispensary

The Law & Order star, rapper, and producer, Ice-T, and the Medicine Woman co-owner, Charis Burrett, received a green light from the strict Jersey City cannabis control board on July 25 to open a marijuana dispensary in Jersey City.

The duo aims to open their 5,000-square-foot dispensary at 600 Tonnelle Avenue this fall, where they plan to promote local cannabis brands.

On top of that, they will support and assist minorities in New Jersey, focusing on those impacted by marijuana possession convictions, such as Black communities.

In other words, they want to hire a local workforce that includes people with prior cannabis convictions.

Likewise, the dispensary will support numerous charities, such as the Jersey City Mural and Arts Program, Hudson County Community College, The Last Prisoner Project, and the Jersey City Employment and Training Program.

Ice-T and Charis B have known each other for more than 25 years, so this collaboration makes perfect sense. 

Namely, Ice-T is well-versed in the marijuana industry’s long history of inequality against minorities, while Charis B is a cannabis specialist.

If you haven’t heard about Medicine Woman, the company was created by Charis Burrett with her spouse, Luke Burrett, in 2019. The Medicine Woman began as a California non-profit delivery service that provided over 300 products to its broad patient base.

Today, the company sells over 1,000 products. It also launched a multi-collection private label product line.