Illicit Tainted Marijuana Vapes Found in California

Health News - California Vape Raid

Last Monday, California officials reported that a few unlicensed stores in Los Angeles were caught distributing dodgy marijuana vape cartridges containing possible health-threatening additives. Not only that, but a thickening agent was also found in the above-mentioned vape cartridges; this thickening agent is known for causing a fatal lung illnesses outbreak on a national level.

Furthermore, officials reported finding illicit vapes in December which were not as strong as advertised. Also, the labels were deceiving — these confiscated vapes contained just a small fraction of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

California officials conducted several tests on random samples of cannabis oils found in over 10,000 illicit vape pens confiscated in raids in Los Angeles. To no great surprise, the results of these tests showed that unknown additives were found in almost 75% of these illegal vapes, including vitamin E acetate — the notorious thickening agent tied to the EVALI epidemic that spread across the nation.

Also, the results showed that the oil present in a couple of these vape cartridges was significantly diluted — more than one-third contained possible hazardous additives. Just recently, Michigan regulators confiscated some 9,370 illicit vaping cartridges sold by a licensed dispensary in Detroit also containing vitamin E acetate.

Lori Ajax, the head of the Bureau of Cannabis Control in California, stated that the commonness of these potentially life-threatening and dirty vape pens at illegal cannabis stores highlights the importance of attaining cannabis goods exclusively from authorized retailers that are tested and up to standard.

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