In Australia, Cannabis Use Is More Acceptable Than Tobacco

Lifestyle News - In Australia, Cannabis Use Is More Acceptable Than Tobacco

According to the National Drug Strategy Household’s survey results, cannabis usage has become more accepted than smoking cigarettes in Australia.

The survey was based on AIHW’s (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) 2019 data, during which they interviewed 20,000 people aged 14+.

The results of the mentioned survey show regular cannabis use was supported by 20% of the respondents compared with 15% who backed tobacco.

Furthermore, given that 11.6% of the population in Australia smokes cigarettes, more people supported heavier penalties for tobacco usage.

To be more precise, 85% of respondents favored greater law enforcement against selling minors tobacco, and 7 in 10 people believe the use of e-cigarettes needs to be restricted in public areas.

On the other hand, the support for marijuana legalization has grown to two in five Australians, up by 16% over the last ten years.

When it comes to cities, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane had the highest proportion of residents (60%, 57%, and 47%) in favor of legalization.

What’s more, 78% of Australians believe possessing marijuana for personal use shouldn’t be a criminal offense, and 1 in 5 support regular cannabis use.

Despite this, 78% of respondents also said they would avoid smoking cannabis even if it was legal.

The interest in trying cannabis if it was legalized was highest in the Australian Capital Territory — around 11% of people would light one up if it were legal, compared to 7.5% of residents from Tasmania.