In Weed We Trust: Nuns Cultivating Cannabis

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An order of nuns, guided by sister Kate, cultivates, extracts, and distributes cannabis-based products, making approximately $1 million per year.

Of course, this is not your typical order of nuns. Sisters of the Valley, as they call themselves, have modeled themselves according to the French beguines — medieval women who prayed and lived together. Sisters of the Valley also wear full habits and worship God. However, they aren’t Catholic and the main center of their spirituality is Mother Earth. In accordance with this, their main goal is to empower the business and career choices of women, while spreading natural medicine to great numbers of people.

On a small farm in California, these nuns make hemp products that have less than 0.3% THC. Their idea was to make cannabis products with as little THC as possible, so they could ship it all around the world. They don’t have a store; they make everything on their farm and send it with the help of their local post office.

Their most popular products are the CBD-infused coconut oil, that’s used orally, and the CBD salve topical.

They also have a unique way of making their cannabis-infused products. Each new moon, they have a small spiritual ceremony and then they start a new batch of cannabis products. During this production time, which usually lasts for 2 weeks, they practice a plant-based diet. Once the full moon comes, they send a sample out for testing. If the test results show low levels of THC and the correct levels of potency, the nuns start a ceremony for moving their products from their kitchen to the room where they pack and prepare the products for shipping. Various prayers, chants, and incense are all part of this moving ceremony. They also use cauldrons for preparing the products.

These unusual nuns have dedicated their lives to helping people and making CBD products of the highest quality. All these independent activists want to do is help people who need natural medicine. It remains to be seen whether their order will attract more believers.

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