Is CBD Causing Christmas Tree Shortage in Texas?

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Believe it or not: people are blaming CBD for the shortage of Christmas trees this year — and here’s why!

According to the owner of Patton Christmas Trees, John Patton, it is believed that there won’t be enough purchasable trees for the upcoming holidays due to the fact that out-of-state growers are becoming increasingly interested in profit-making crops such as hemp — used to create CBD oil.

This statement has led Texans to blame CBD for the issues regarding the purchase of a just-cut tree for Christmas.

However, there is a serious lapse in logic in accusing CBD of the tree shortage. First of all, it takes six or more years to harvest a magnificent tree for the holidays, whereas hemp requires only six weeks. According to this, trees that were meant for harvest this year are estimated to have been planted way back in 2012. What’s more, hemp was illegal back in those days and farmers were absolutely clueless about anything CBD-related.

Furthermore, the assumption that tree farmers might have switched from growing trees to harvesting hemp does not make any sense economically. If that were indeed true by any chance, then these farmers would have had to harvest the trees earlier to make room for the new hemp crops.

Still, according to that logic, the result would not be a shortage but rather a surplus of smaller trees in Texas’s Patton Christmas Trees.

Hence, even though the story of a CBD-related tree shortage makes for good headlines, it’s more than likely that it’s all just fake news.

So, you might be asking yourself: “what is causing the shortage of Christmas trees?”

The answer is simple: artificial trees.

Based on facts, the sales of fake Christmas trees have doubled since 2009–2017 from 9 million to a whopping 21 million! One of the reasons for purchasing a fake tree instead of a real tree is the growing concern about the rising environmental cost of harvesting actual trees. Moreover, a fake tree is a lot more practical than the real thing.

Therefore, is CBD the prime suspect of the aforementioned tree shortage? Nope, not guilty! Instead, the main culprit could, in fact, be the increasing rate of artificial tree production in the States.

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