Is It Safe? CDC Warns Against All Cannabis Vaping!

Health News - CDC vs Vaping

Bacteria, pesticides, and mold are the biggest problems when it comes to the legal cannabis testing labs, but usually, a state’s rigorous requirements are standing in the way of their survival. That being said, when it comes to the black market, things are taking a completely different turn.

In the past couple of weeks, there has been a lung disease outbreak that can be connected to some black market THC vape cartridges. To be more precise, it is believed that the culprit could be a synthetic form of vitamin E acetate and even though all legal cannabis businesses are trying to ease consumer worries about their products, after the CDC warning against all cannabis vaping there is a growing concern among cannabis users for their health.

Some dispensaries reported up to a 20% drop in vape sales for the past month, and the numbers keep going down. It seems that other products are now gaining momentum like edibles and tinctures or pre-rolled joints, and this will continue happening until the source of the disease is being discovered.

The biggest problem with this situation is that we already know that the source of the lung disease is coming from black market products, but it’s still affecting everyone, especially those who are playing by the book. People are losing trust and in turn, legal dispensaries are losing their customers.

Keeping all this in mind, is it safe to use legal THC vapes? The manufacturers are assuring us that they will bring no harm to their customers, but it’s probably best if you play it safe and stay away from these products until the mystery is resolved, or at least do what you’ve been doing so far — only buy from the highest-quality sources.

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