Is Raw Cannabis Juice the Next Big Superfood?

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Juicing and superfoods have recently been all the rage among health foodies who want to get as many nutrients from their food as possible. Unprocessed foods are undoubtedly great for our health. Yet, there’s a superfood out there that offers more than just mere prevention — raw cannabis juice!

Despite there being a whole plethora of scientific studies on the many benefits of cannabis, people are still largely misinformed and believe that smoking and vaping are the only two ways to experience these benefits.

Yet, while alternatives like CBD capsules, pain-relieving creams, delicious gummies, and other cannabinoid-infused products are currently on the rise, doctor William Courtney — a leading researcher in dietary, non-heated cannabis from the Cannabis International Foundation — advocates for the benefits of raw cannabis.

Raw buds and leaves are full of compounds and nutrients that lose some of their potency when heated and processed. Namely, his research has uncovered that without heating cannabis, the plant retains high concentrations of both CBD and THC, maximizing the health benefits it provides.

It also boosts the processes of the immune system, allowing enzymes and vitamins to enter the bloodstream much faster while increasing the restorative property of cannabis.

However, this does not mean that you can raid your stash and add dried cannabis to your next morning juice. More precisely, Dr. Courtney recommends adding up to 15 fresh leaves and 2 raw buds and drinking the juice throughout the day.

The medical world is slow on popularizing raw cannabis juice. Yet, with the recent developments and the breaking of the social stigma surrounding cannabis as an alternative form of medicine, raw cannabis juice is ready to take over the world!