Israeli Companies to Genetically Modify Cannabis Plants

Industry News - Genetically Modified Cannabis

The cannabis market is always interested in new technology that could help improve this struggling industry get back on its feet and live up to the hype it generated when cannabis consumption was first legalized. Now, a joint venture established by two Israeli companies could possibly give the market that much-needed helping hand.

The medical cannabis company, Cann10, has joined forces with Israeli biotech firm, Epigenetics, to set up Cann10 EpiGen — a company that plans on researching a new scientific method that might significantly boost yields, and thus improve profits. Cann10 EpiGen will employ advanced epigenetics technology to create an improved version of the cannabis plant; one that will be easier to both grow and farm.

Epigenetics is a brand new breeding technology that includes the modification of the plant’s DNA. In other words, it could make the cultivation of the cannabis plant easier, without changing its actual genetic code.

Although this method has not been applied to weed before, it has been used across the world on various agricultural crops. In fact, it has been successful with corn and tomatoes — in experiments conducted on these crops, epigenetics increased the yield by managing to elevate the plants’ photosynthesis level by 100.

Cann10 EpiGen will start their research using the new breeding technology on a cannabis farm operated by the Seach Medical Group, another big name in the Israeli cannabis industry. Initial results from this exciting new experiment are expected in six months.

Cann10 CEO, Ori Alperovitz, sees great potential in this new “ground-breaking” technology, which he believes could change the global cannabis industry by increasing productivity and efficiency in cannabis cultivation. The company plans to sell this tech as a franchise to cannabis farms worldwide.

This is one way of improving the profitability of cannabis companies, experts say. Naturally, bigger yields equal lower costs and higher margins, however, more produce also boosts the value of a company’s biological assets and makes the business more appealing to potential investors.

In short, there are no drawbacks for cannabis companies, or consumers for that matter, if the technology enables growers to produce more weed. This is why all stakeholders on the market should keep an eye on Cann10 EpiGen’s research and other emerging technologies with the potential to benefit the cannabis industry.

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