Jay-Z Opens a Deli Themed Store in California

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Jay-Z-backed brand of cannabis, Caliva, opens its first store in Bellflower, California. The Deli by Caliva dispensary will have an old-school New York-themed deli look, with mint-green colors, including window counters displaying cafe stools with a vast variety of flowers for guests to enjoy.

Customers will be able to pick up a metal grocery basket, grab their tickets from a retro-style machine, and browse through a variety of CBD-infused products that the Caliva dispensary has to offer.

This cannabis deli will sell products from a few LA cannabis companies; including drinks like Somatik’s CBD coffee and Lagunitas’s THC-infused Hi-Fi Hops, costing $8 each, as well as THC-infused cannabis milk chocolate bars from Chill, at $15 per bar.

The deli will also sell its own products like pre-rolls (Toasties Classic, Dogwalkers), $15 each, in addition to Bad Apple flowers (premium) costing $45 (3.5 grams). The Caliva Deli store will also offer its well-known Deli collection including Watermelon Zkittlez, Mendo Breath, and other tasty products.

Shoppers will also have a chance to buy mint-green Deli flower tins that match the store interior and their famous “Fresh Cuts Daily” neon sign, at $160 for 28 grams.

Additionally, the menus are available on iPads as well, where customers can get useful tips and recommendations from the store’s budtenders.

Besides that, loyal brand advocates will also have a chance to buy t-shirts and totes, for $20–25, that match the outside murals.

The brand has been working on this concept since early 2019, and Jay-Z’s ideas are expected to manifest somewhere in 2020.

With customers leaving the store in high spirits, the future of this unique deli store looks bright indeed.

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