Jennifer Aniston Gives Helpful Tips on Smoking Cannabis

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Many viewers who watched the latest episode of The Howard Stern Show would agree that Jennifer Aniston needs to be an on-show regular, and here is why.

The Friends star made an appearance on the show where she gave some quick tips and tricks to one of the staffers of Stern on smoking cannabis for the very first time. Shocked upon hearing about the staffer’s cannabis virginity, the actress reassured the employee that he “couldn’t have better company” alongside cannabis pros, Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen.

Even though the beautiful actress discussed topics such as her current love life, her most recent series, The Morning Show, the youtube community found her advice on cannabis the most interesting.

Stern introduced the 39-year old employee to Aniston, who confessed that it will be his very first time trying out cannabis. The actress provided the staffer with fun tips such as taking his time and not stressing out about it. Aniston continued by asking the staffer “Are you smoking it or are you eating it?” to which he casually replied “that’s part of the process… trying to figure out how to do things”.

One of the most memorable quotes by the actress was her attitude on smoking cannabis: “It could be the worst day of your life or the best day of your life”. Even though the employee looked worried as to how things will turn out, the actress also added: “Don’t worry, you’ll live”.

Some of the key tips found online concerning cannabis and first-time users are the following:

  • Drink plenty of water before you start,
  • start small and learn how your body reacts to cannabis,
  • smoke with a friend,
  • listen to some music (think Pink Floyd!),
  • and smoke before bed.

Also, remember to keep it light-hearted, fun and relaxed! This way the experience will be tremendously enjoyable.

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