Joe Biden Calls Marijuana a “Gateway Drug”

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Joe Biden, former vice president, stated that more research is needed to determine whether marijuana is a gateway drug (leading to the abuse of more dangerous substances) or not.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Las Vegas last Saturday, the 2020 presidential candidate said that his position on legalizing marijuana from 2010 has not changed. Back then Biden also stated that cannabis was a “gateway drug” and that legalizing it would be a mistake.

He does not oppose the use of medical cannabis but thinks that more data is needed before he pushes for recreational use on a federal level.

Biden went on to say that marijuana possession should not be a crime and that anyone convicted of cannabis use should be released and have their records expunged. He also supports the removal of cannabis from Schedule I to the Schedule III list of drugs, which would facilitate research into the medical benefits of the plant.

The latest data from the Pew Research Center indicates that two-thirds of US citizens support the legalization of weed, including 35% of the silent generation — the lowest age group in favor of legalizing recreational pot use.

As to date, there is no hard evidence to support the theory that cannabis use leads to addiction and abuse of harder drugs, such as heroin and cocaine. On the contrary, several studies have recently found that cannabis consumption actually helps people reduce their reliance on painkillers and opioids.

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