Joke’s on You! Comedy Helps Demystify Cannabis Use

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As a result of the cannabis legalization spreading throughout the US, American comedians have introduced more marijuana jokes into their stand-ups and sketches. And, ironically, this has opened the door to a whole array of new cannabis consumption stories and experiences, both positive and negative. 

One of the comedians who openly discussed cannabis usage was George Carlin. Namely, he talked about how jazz music played a big role in the demystification of cannabis and he also explained how marijuana had a huge impact on his own creative work. Dave Chappelle is yet another instance of a comedian discussing cannabis usage in his work. He often portrays the usual stoner stereotypes, while making them harmless and positive.

However, comedians don’t just discuss cannabis usage, they also tend to exaggerate it. This problem was pointed out by Bruce Jingles who said that the older comedians blow it out of proportion, while the younger ones aren’t fully aware of it. This point of view is shared by yet another comedian — Rachel Wolfson. She claims that just the fact that she is out there working her ass off proves the old “lazy stoner” stereotype wrong

Another example of a comedian working hard to demystify cannabis is Sara Weinshenk, who uses her platform to talk to other comedians while consuming cannabis. She believes that, next to cannabis, mental health and alternative forms of medicine should also be discussed more. 

When it comes to the future of cannabis discussion, comedians are mostly in accordance and state they have positive expectations. Jingles believes that people should keep communicating intelligently to help destigmatize this topic. Wolfson points out that personal experiences are more important than observational humor, whereas Weinshenk hopes to see more women in the field.